Tesla Scout - Model View 5YJSA7S22FF097421 - MODEL_S 70D USED 2015 - 70533 KM 695700 SEK

VersionKmsPrem. AP Pano.Net
MODEL_S 70D CPO 201570.533 Kms
Tenía 70533 Kms la primera vez, hace 0 en 14 días
NoSí DA0266.000 €0 %695.700 SEK
Min:695.700 Max: 764.300
Las update 21-09-2018, here since 14 day(s)


EU Edition(REEU)
Type 2 Public Charging Connector(ADPX2)
No - 3 phase Universal Mobile Connector (UMC)(ADX4)
No - Adapter, Schuko (1 phase, 13A)(ADX6)
no - 3-ph Red IEC309 (3 phase, 16A)(ADX7)
No - Blue IEC309 (1 phase, 32A)(ADX8)
Standard Air Filter(AF00)
Normal audio(AU00)
Black Brake Calipers(BC0B)
Ludicrous off(BP00)
Battery not limited by firmware(BR00)
No CHAdeMO Charging Adaptor(CDM0)
40 Amp - Single(CH00)
Red Multi-Coat Paint(PPMR)
No Cold Weather Package(CW00)
Autopilot v1 active(DA02)
Left Hand Drive(DRLH)
PUR Dash Pad(DSH5)
4x4 D(DV4W)
Base Exterior Lighting (No led fog lights)(FG00)
No High Power Wall Connector(HP00)
Piano Black Décor(IDPB)
No Extended Nappa Leather Trim(IX00)
No Lighting Package(LP00)
Memory Seats(ME02)
No Paint Armor(PA00)
No Performance Legacy Package(PF00)
No Premium(PI00)
LEGACY No Parking Sensors(PK00)
Parcel Shelf(PS01)
No Four-year prepaid Annual Service with Ranger Service(PSPRX4)
No Four-year prepaid(PSPX4)
No Performance Plus Package(PX00)
Multi-Pattern Black Seats(QPBT)
Panoramic crystal roof(RFPO)
Free supercharging(SC01)
Security Package(SP01)
S: Standard 2+3 X: 2+3+2 en X, seats(SR01)
Standard suspension(SU00)
General Production Trim(TM00)
No Technology Package(TP00)
Rear Facing Seats(TR01)
White Alcantara Headliner(UTAW)
19 standard(WT19)
No - 19” Wheels with Nokian Winter Tires(WXW2)
No - 19” Wheels with Pirelli Winter Tires(WXW3)
Override: Manual Liftgate(X002)
Maps & Navigation(X003)
Daytime running lights(X007)
Override: Homelink(X011)
Override: No Satellite Radio(X014)
No Carbon Fiber Spoiler(X021)
No Performance Package(X025)
Override: No LEDs/Non-Tech Pkg(X026)
Battery Badge(X028)
Keyless Entry(X031)
Powerfolding Mirrors(X037)
DAB Radio(X039)
No Yacht Floor(YF00)

Configuration codes

BS00, BT70, DCF0, WXW1, MDLS
KmsPrem. AP Pano.Net
70.533 KmsNoSí DA0271.683 €0 %755.600 SEKSverige07-09-201808-09-2018
70.533 KmsNoSí DA0272.508 €0 %764.300 SEKSverige08-09-201809-09-2018
70.533 KmsNoSí DA0271.522 €0 %753.900 SEKSverige09-09-201810-09-2018
70.533 KmsNoSí DA0270.535 €0 %743.500 SEKSverige10-09-201811-09-2018
70.533 KmsNoSí DA0269.548 €0 %733.100 SEKSverige11-09-201812-09-2018
70.533 KmsNoSí DA0268.562 €0 %722.700 SEKSverige12-09-201814-09-2018
70.533 KmsNoSí DA0269.055 €0 %727.900 SEKSverige14-09-201814-09-2018
70.533 KmsNoSí DA0268.951 €0 %726.800 SEKSverige14-09-201815-09-2018
70.533 KmsNoSí DA0269.776 €0 %735.500 SEKSverige15-09-201816-09-2018
70.533 KmsNoSí DA0268.789 €0 %725.100 SEKSverige16-09-201817-09-2018
70.533 KmsNoSí DA0269.283 €0 %730.300 SEKSverige17-09-201818-09-2018
70.533 KmsNoSí DA0268.135 €0 %718.200 SEKSverige18-09-201819-09-2018
70.533 KmsNoSí DA0266.977 €0 %706.000 SEKSverige19-09-201821-09-2018
70.533 KmsNoSí DA0266.000 €0 %695.700 SEKSverige21-09-201821-09-2018